Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reflection, Gulf Coast Museum and Totally Tots

In reflection, it may seem at first glance that it is a piece of cake to be a Children's Librarian. However, I realize that much preparation has to be made. Last week, I was asked to be a puppeteer the day of the puppet show. I had to regretfully decline the offer. I didn't feel prepared. Jill became the narrator only because someone did not show up. I have to learn to be more spontaneous and prepared for dilemmas. Dealing with kids requires one to think on their toes. Sometimes you have to make things up or come up with ideas on the spot.

A representative from the Gulf Coast Museum came to talk about pirates on Monday. She did an activity with the kids where they had to listen to rhymes that describe a certain pirate flag and identify it. We had 147 books to pass out for the kids to use as tables to mark on their papers. We passed out that many crayons and papers. Then she did an artifacts game with them with things found in Mississippi like clothespins, leather, screws, and buttons. They had to identify what the artifact could have been used for as apposed to what is used for today. She had some control issues because some of the kids were not doing what they were supposed to do in the big group. However, she had much better behaved groups in the 3:30pm and 6pm sessions.

For tots this week we did Summer. Jill read books about the beach, etc. The project was a paper plate center sun with colorful cut out hands as rays.

My project in the next two weeks is to come up with a theme for totally tots story time, books to read, and a craft to do for July. I am excited, but I have yet to come up with a viable theme. My first thought was the Jabberwocky. Then, I had the idea of dandelions, but there aren't many children's books with color illustrations about dandelions. I am thinking about books on being yourself- Like Mumble Bear (my childhood favorite). I guess we will see soon what I come up with.

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