Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summary of What I Learned Over All

Throughout my practicum I gained experience in various areas of librarianship.  Some of the tasks that I completed were as follows:

-Created posters
-Laminated teacher's requests
-Withdrew students from Destiny and Accelerated Reader
-Ordered supplies for repairs
-Cataloging-Added copies of books to Destiny, created and printed barcodes (as well as trouble-shoot and make inquiry with tech support), affixing labels and barcodes to books, affixing AR color-coded stickers
-Teaching-Substitute teacher for library (emphasis on classroom mangement)
-Utilized Mimio board in instruction
-Public Speaking, Outreach-Special speaker for women's hygiene for 3rd-5th grade
-Created a vodcast of how to use Destiny for finding books
-Selected books on Mackin
-Provided bibliographic assistance
-Observed inventory practices
-Deleted books from system after weeding
-Checked to see if new AR tests have been created for books that were purchased without one
-Changed the pad on the Ellison machine
-Changed the film roll on the Double Roll Laminator
-Changed the paper on the Poster Maker

Week of April 22

The librarian told students that today is Earth Day.  She informed the students about the protective layer that shields us from the sun, the Ozone Layer, and let them know that it is being destroyed by pollution.    Pollution is caused by the population growth, more trash, and industrial pollution.  Some animals are becoming extinct or on the verge, which means they are dying out.  She is really good at simplifying a topic for the students.  She also uses personal anecdotes.  Such as when she let them know that years ago when she was a girl, they didn't have landfills, they put the trash into gullys and burned it in the country.  She let students know about Gaylord Nelson, who in 1969, changed laws to protect what goes into our air and water.  Then she highlighted various ways students can help the Earth.  1.) Recycling-to make something new out of a used product 2.) Bike Riding- protects the Earth from gases released by vehicles 3.) Energy Efficient Cars- use electricity and not gas 4.) Wind Energy- windmills used to create electricity 5.) Plant Trees- trees take out bad air and release good air.

Some other suggestions she made were to turn off lights when not in use, turn off games, and shut doors of refrigerators to keep cool air in.  She taught students a new word--ponder.  She explained that they would need to ponder what was being done in a color sheet she gave them (think about).  On the color sheet, people were doing things to help the Earth on Earth Day. 

Ms. Hinton will often times receive funds from students to pay for lost items.  These deposits must be periodically taken to the office to deposit in the bank.  She says keeping a receipt book is crucial.  When a lost book is found, the receipt book will help her to make refunds promptly.

For example, a book came back after having been lost and paid for on December 15, 2011.  The money needed to be refunded so we searched through her old receipt books for info and money paid.  She told me that we cannot take checks from parents, only cash  and that money is refunded in check format only.  She indicated that it takes quite a long time to get checks in from school district.

Some little tips she gave me for the printers, is that in order to save ink and revitalize a cartridge that seems to be running out, you take it out and shake it, then put it back in and voila, back to printing with full ink.

She taught be how to create posters.  This time I was able to print some on my own.  First I placed the item to be enlarged face down on the scanner, press the scan to button 3 times then press scan button.  Continue scanning if more than one item needs to scanned in a series until done.  She told me to leave a little white around the poster while cropping, then auto adjest it and click yes twice.  Go to properties and remove margins to save paper.