Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The Summer Reading Program began the first week of June at 1pm Monday. The first program was the Pirate Puppet Show. I had seen Kari, a library worker, work closely making preparations with the puppets for the past few weeks. She had to sew clothing, hair, mustaches and beards, etc. to make the once plain puppets look like their respective characters.

The puppet show was about a Spanish governor whose wife and children were apart from him. He wanted to send them a letter and send for her to come up the Mississippi to St. Louis. Messiour Labady offered to deliver the letter and transport his wife and children. However, he already had a heavy load of gifts and gold, and silver to trade with the Indians. He was a young man and though he knew to watch out for pirates, he unwittingly gets sucked in by one who knows his name and about the letter. He takes over his boat and his gifts and gold, and silver to trade with the Indians and the governor's wife and kids. The governors wife demanded to be set free and she asked several times for him to let her and her kids go. Finally, after much annoyance, he lets her go on the condition that she tell nobody that they are pirates and have set up a trap. She also asks for Messiour Labady to guide the boat. They escape and she tells everybody about the pirate and his plans to set up a trap. The puppet show was narrated by Bumbling Bessie a female pirate (Jill-my supervisor). Who tells everyone that the Mississippi is now safe from all pirates, except for her of course.

I helped set up the puppet stage, manage the puppets, pass out treasure to the kids, do the numbers count to see how many children and adults attended. We did the first show in Laurel at 1pm, a second show in Ellisville at 3:30pm and a final show at 6pm for Laurel again. The first show is the most well attended-as there are day cares and day camps present.

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