Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week of March 4-8th

This week I worked on my vodcast project for LIS 491- which is an instruction course.  I had some complications getting camstudio to work on a particular computer in the library for several weeks. So, the tech people assisted me.  We found a microphone and headset and I was able to do it well finally.  I ended up getting 100 percent on that project where I demonstrated how to use Destiny Catalog to search for and select books to check out at the library media center.

Ms. Hinton told me about the Ellison machine and how to work it, and change the pad on the machine.  She said if it has already been used on one side previously, then it doesn't last as long as if it is a new pad.  She taught me how to use the tools to clean out some of the places where paper builds up on the cutters, such as the ghost's face, the pumpkin's face, and the tornado. Used the awl to get the extra paper out.

She taught me how to make posters.  You select the large printer, select paper size E, landscape or portrait depending on the poster, fit to page, and select print. 

I learned about Glog, a site for creating webpages based on a template.  It seemed like a great site to create.  The teachers at my school love to create posters for the walls, classrooms, calendars and events.  My book says that huge posters can be made using this machine for parent-teacher association night, high school sports events, or banners for a school store that lists the items and prices available (Morris, 433).

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