Thursday, March 21, 2013

Week of February 17-23

Ms. Hinton read a book about Presidency.  She told the students about the importance of checking the copyright date on a non-fiction book.  She noted that the book was printed before the last election.  It was eleven years old.  So she indicated that some of the information in the book is dated, but it was only one piece of information that had changed, so she decided to keep the book for now.
This correlates to what I am learning about weeding in my Media Center course.  We learned that the term weeding means the same thing in library terms as it does in gardening terms; to "eliminate unsuitable or unwanted".  I probably would have weeded out that library book.  But she fully explained to the students that that date was the only thing outdated in the book.

In one of my goals, I had stated that I wanted to weed the collection by 30% in the next 5 years.  However, Dr. Haynes said that it would be difficult to measure whether or not the goal had been met in terms of percentages.  Our textbook says that it is recommended that "5 percent of a collection should be weeded each year (Morris, 451)."  So, perhaps I was a little far fetched in my percentages. The book also mentions that the weeding process is often unique to each library media center due to differences in curriculum, student population, and teaching method (Morris, 451).  I did want to repair a certain percentage of books as well.  The book says, "be aware that it is impractical to keep everything (Morris, 451)."

So, I need to ask Ms. Hinton her process of discarding weeded books.  She had mentioned something about sending them to classes after they had been removed from the collection.  I had mentioned to her, that I would like to repair some of the books if I stay there.  So, Ms. Hinton was able to order me a few repair supplies for next year.  I am kind of worried about being able to apply for the job, due to the fact that I do not have enough money to pay off tuition at this point.  Budgeting problems and other expenses have made it difficult for me save the necessary money to pay school off as promptly as I had hoped.  So, I am faced with the opportunity to possibly shadow someone next school year in hopes to keep my experience up-to-date and take note of any changes in management, or possible shadow at another school.  Of course, I will have to have my bill paid off before I can do so. 

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