Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summary of What I Learned Over All

Throughout my practicum I gained experience in various areas of librarianship.  Some of the tasks that I completed were as follows:

-Created posters
-Laminated teacher's requests
-Withdrew students from Destiny and Accelerated Reader
-Ordered supplies for repairs
-Cataloging-Added copies of books to Destiny, created and printed barcodes (as well as trouble-shoot and make inquiry with tech support), affixing labels and barcodes to books, affixing AR color-coded stickers
-Teaching-Substitute teacher for library (emphasis on classroom mangement)
-Utilized Mimio board in instruction
-Public Speaking, Outreach-Special speaker for women's hygiene for 3rd-5th grade
-Created a vodcast of how to use Destiny for finding books
-Selected books on Mackin
-Provided bibliographic assistance
-Observed inventory practices
-Deleted books from system after weeding
-Checked to see if new AR tests have been created for books that were purchased without one
-Changed the pad on the Ellison machine
-Changed the film roll on the Double Roll Laminator
-Changed the paper on the Poster Maker

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