Monday, February 4, 2013

Last week

Ms. Hinton is out for a couple of days. Ms. Heidelberg willfully steps in!

My week began with more subbing. I feel that Monday was the best day I had in the classroom. I tried to use certain protocol with the kids to guide them on proper behavior. I learned that being a librarian takes more innovation and consistency than I was at first aware of. When Ms. Hinton returned we found the past budgets in the form of purchase orders for the past 3 years. At home, I went through them and logged important distributors and purchases. In one of my classes, I learned that it is important when beginning to prepare a budget, that one consult past budgets of the previous three years. I found this very helpful because I am hoping to create a one year budget and a five year plan for LIS 408. Another thing I did this week was get informed on how to shelve the books in the school library properly. I learned that there are three types of red labeled books: Non-fiction, Chapter books, and easy books. I needed to know this information and I am thankful she took time to share it with me. Friday, I learned how to heat the laminating machine and operate it. I felt this was very valuable because that is one thing I didn't know how to do but always wanted to know. I do, however, remember learning how to use the laminator at the Laurel-Jones County Public Library, but I needed a refresher. The next thing I am hoping to learn is how to use the Poster-maker. There are many technical aspects of the job that I will need to know.

I plan on creating a virtual tour of the library or instruction on how to use the online catalog soon. This would be for my LIS 491 course. I will be working on this next week. The technical assistant will be assisting me on using Cam studio once my PowerPoint is completed.

I created some goals and objectives for the library. I will be working on these this week too, in order to hone in on what I actually hope to accomplish in the library. This is part of my five year and one year plan.


Goal #1: to increase collaboration with teachers on assignments and units.



-offer books, resources for units if given advanced notice

-create forms for teachers

-make sure there are books based on Mississippi 2011 Social Studies & 2010 Science

Curriculum Frameworks per grade level

-obtain materials

-create pathways for units

-notify teachers


Evaluation: survey teachers on usage of pathways and resources in creating lessons, etc.


Goal #2: Increase student/teacher knowledge of how to find resources in library using card catalog.



-install online catalog in each classroom (find out how much money it would cost to do it and budget it).

-provide instruction on how to use catalog (podcasts)

-continue to add color when new books are added to the collection to ensure that books can be found by students

-practice searching for books (scavenger hunt in small groups)

Evaluation: How often do teachers and students come to the library to search for a book they have chosen to read from the catalog?


Goal #3: Increase student evaluation and application of information through writing.



-use writing to evaluate sources

-Students practice letter writing- write to authors about how they enjoyed a book

-teach correspondence (teach city/state)

-write about parts of book: table of contents, index, etc. and which is best to find which piece of information and why.



Improved testing scores, better handwriting, grammar, etc.


Goal #4: Improve various classification areas by adding new books to collection over period of time.



-perform a curriculum mapping of whole school

-establish the content, assessments and skills taught by each teacher

-take data from mapping and select books to add certain number of books per Dewey Classification that needs improvement

-appropriate budget for books



Run a snapshot of library collection holdings per classification level.


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