Friday, February 24, 2012

New Library: Lauren Rogers Museum of Art Library

A month ago I began working at the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art's Library and Archives department with Brianna Barnard. To date, I have been involved in a number of projects there. First, I selected a specified number of archived postcards to preserve. A project that took 5 hours to complete. Next, I filed art mailings from various sources in the vertical file system by artist. After completing this, I embarked on a project that involved recording the date and title of old newspaper holdings in the library on an excel spreadsheet. The newspapers were very brittle and it took care to handle these. The purpose of this project is to later, discover which of our newspapers have been preserved in microfilm at the Department of Mississippi Archives. Our next endeavor, will be to separate out those newspapers that have yet to be microfilmed and attempting to keep them in a condition that will be conducive to transferring them to microfilm. I shelved a few books. And am now writing Annotated Bibliographies for the European Art Books so that they can be conformed to our new classification system for books of the same artist to be together on the shelves. This requires, at times, splitting up series of books that may have at one time been in a set. The Bibliography will also assist with the process of checking cataloging files for accuracy. The library uses Dublin Core and Past Perfect Museum Software both of which I will need to get acquainted with. At present, I am reading Metadata, a textbook for schemes relating to Dublin Core, etc. All this being said, I am enjoying my new position as volunteer library assistant and hope that this opens doors for me in the future!

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